Business Cooperation

Agent/Dealers Cooperation

 For OSTRY overseas distributors and dealers.You are expected to :

        1. Be responsible and passionate aboutyour work. Managing and controling the market.

        2. Abide byOverseas Agreement for Business Channelsof Ostry

        3. Organize and coordinate OSTRYactivities.

 The benefits for partners as following:

        1. To Work with other distributorsworldwide for futher economic growth.

        2. To be provided with highlycompetitive products

        3.To be able to enjoy a impeccable andfair market without disorder price and bugsell cases.

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Business Cooperation

 There are several ways for our cooperation, such as:

 【Link to other sites】---feel free to share the site.

 【Design】---OSTRY attaches great importance to intellectual property anddesign. We’d like to cooperate with any designers or design institutionsworldwide. Besides, you’re welcomed to be part of OSTRY anytime if you want.

  【Supplier】---We value thetechnological level of the products and keep looking for the partnersspecialized in cable materials, mold, surface processing technology ,etc, to develop more technologies.

  【Joint promotion】---we are looking for the related companies,organizations and institutes for strategic cooperation and deeper promotion.

  【Testing and evaluating】--- we welcome all kinds of testing andevaluating organizations to check our products.

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