About Us

The Basic Information 

  • The website of OSTRY Audio: www.ostry.cn
  • International Business Department:overseas@ostry.cn
  • Service Department:service@ostry.cn
  • Tel:+86 0769 82959188
  • Fax:+86 0769 82959178
  • The address: SHENZHEN OSTRY TECH. CO.,LTD     No.7, Liang Touwei Road, Liheng Village, Qingxi Town, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, CHINA 

Brand Introduction

The logo of OSTRY

  • OSTRY(奥思特锐), a professional acoustic brand and a leading manufacturer of audio devices of China, specializes in R&D and production of Hi-Fi headsets, sound drive units, acoustic devices and other consumer products.

  • OSTRY is committed to providing music lovers with the most cost-effective and prestigious Hi-Fi headset products.
  •  OSTRY , the name of the company , is derived from the word “story” , referring to writing a unique story for each music lover. We believe that O'slife always try.

  • Adhering to “best” and “innovative”,OSTRY shows full respect for intellectual property and design. Taking art designs,refined technologies, superior listening comforts, impeccable services andother technological  innovations as requirements and standards, OSTRY concentrates on designing and producing electronic sound products.


 As a professional manufacturer of audio devices, SHENZHEN OSTRY TECH. CO., LTD was established in 2013 by the parent company for the brand OSTRY.

  1. Our products are well-designed and cost-effective with excellent technology and high tone quality. We have achieved higher margins than most of our competitors in the industry.
  2.  Our parent company has been engaged in the developmentof HI-Fi headsets and their drive units as well as the integration of acousticdevices and related fields for nearly 20 years. We now not only offer own brandproducts but also provide ODM and OEM services for world renowned enterprisessuch as Sennheiser, LG, Samsug, SONY, Somic, Xiaomi and Microsoft.
  3. We have established domestically advanced R&D laboratoriesand production conditions and mastered many patented acoustic technologies,which have been gradually used in OSTRY products.
  4. We own internationally advanced self- balanced armature technology.
  5. We have developed advanced Internet solutions(named α ”system”) against selling beyond agreed areas to ensure stable and healthy development of national markets. 
  6. We have set up powerful teams and channels for R&D, marketing and sales.

Core Strengths of Product

  • Superior design, excellent quality and technology, high tone quality and high cost performance.
  • Satisfactory margins. 
  •  New acoustic patents like self-moving iron technology are adopted to develop innovative products.

 Current Products (more in product introduction)

  • KC06 was launched worldwide in October 2013;
  • KC06A was launched worldwide in May 2014;
  • OS100/200/300 Tunable Eartips were launched worldwide inOctober 2014;
  • KC07 and KC08 have entered the trial production and are expected to be available around May 2015;
  • Projects for electrostatic headphones have been approved.


The History of OSTRY:

  •  In 1985, Mr. Jiang, OSTRY Chief Engineer and OSTRY founder,is the senior engineer of the China State-owned Red Sound Equipment Factory(China’s earliest institute of acoustics). Meanwhile, he and his parents werealso engaging in the China’s earliest research of receiver and microphone. 
  • In1996, we established Jiangxi Hengyun Electronics Factory, specialized in developing electronic sound equipment, acoustic diaphragm and speaker unit. Our products reached the major domestic and foreign earphone markets as well as other acoustic fields.
  • In 2004, we was renamed Shenzhen Lisheng Electronics Factory after it moved to Shenzhen city. We concentrated on developing acoustic diaphragm and driver unit, making considerable progress in traditional and composite diaphragm. As the major supplier for LG, Samsung, SONY, Somic, Newsmyand other well-known manufacturers.
  • Since 2012, we have made significant technological breakthrough in composite diaphragm and driver unit. Besides, we applied numerous patents and expanded our production chains. Meanwhile, we established the project "KC06" HIFI earphone, focusing on exterior design andspecific speaker unit development.
  • In 2012, a breakthrough was achieved in self- balanced armature technology, which was then put into use.
  • At the end of 2013, the first batch of OSTRY KC06 In-ear HI-Fi headphones were launched, which were highly praised by Chinese users and numerous media.
  • In May 2014, the second batch of KC06A In-ear HI-Fi headphones were launched. KC06 and KC06A enjoyed explosive growth in sales inChinese market. Now, we have more than 70 distributors in China and our products have been exported to nearly 15 countries like America, Japan, SouthKorea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Chile, Ukraine, Malaysia and Indonesia and are highly rated.
  • In 2015, KC08 have entered trial productionand are to be launched into the market.