KC06 IEM "Fortress Besieged"

First generation KC06 iEM (HIFI) is inspired by fortress besieged of ancient battlefield. Created by core patents and design patents of OSTRY, KC06 has a number of core technologies,especially the dynamic unit system , which is perfect for classical, vocals,pop, light music and delivers you refreshing sound.It is also a dynamic earphone, which is easy to drive. Its optimised balanced armature design gives users unsurpassed sound quality.


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KC06A is the second generation of HIFI earphone. The design of KC06A is inspired by the eagle eye, red, white and black. Created by core patents and design patents of OSTRY, KC06A has the core technologies of KC series( including dynamic unit system ), better cable materials and cavity technology. The improvement on bass permits KC06A to be perfect for rock,pop,symphony and other styles of music.


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